FightING Climate Change
PULSE OXYGEN represents what many experts see as the most valuable asset class for new generation of investors.

Kyoto Protocol

It commits industrialized countries to limit and reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in accordance with agreed targets.

financial asset

An important element of the Kyoto Protocol was the establishment of flexible market mechanisms, which are based on emission permit trading.

The present and future of companies go through «Green Commerce«

Society and consumers increasingly demand that companies adopt responsible actions with the planet. Pulse Oxygen want to grant access to everyone to those new Green Markets.

About Us

What is PULSE OXYGEN and what is it used for?

At Pulse Oxygen we are  supporting the technological revolution within disruptive blockchain technology through one of the best and most expected chains (Pulse Chain). Thanks to PO2 you will be able to participate in the first carbon bonds market, through our backed tokenized Carbon Bonds.

At Pulse Oxygen you will be able to buy, sell, hold, invest and exchange  real world carbon credits. In a reliable, safe and sustainable way.

With PO2, an on-chain financial incentive is created that allows us to collaborate and make the world a better place. Because doing what’s right for our planet has never been more affordable, easy and accessible than with Pulse Oxygen.


The Basis of the Project

European & American governments, are investing and promoting laws that can speed up CO2 reduction and compensation initiatives in their firm commitment for  meeting their environmental goals for the  2030’s agenda.


    P02 is a token created in Pulse Chain, with real world carbon bonds. P02 will be airdropped in Pulse Chain Mainnet after the sacrifice.


      Sacrifice participants will receive Points that will allow them access on the future for purchasing Carbon Bonds inside Pulse Chain.


        Pulse Oxygen will launch its Sacrifice phase on 15th May 00:00:00 GMT +1. Stay tuned and join our Community to get the latest news and project updates.

        Key factors

        Pulse Oxygen allows you to participate in this market, safely, quickly And anonymously by tokenizing these new financial assets on the Pulse Chain

        PO2 will be deployed Cross-Chain and all those who participate in the Sacrifice will participate in the acquisition of points through ranking. Those points will be meaningful on all our operable chains.

        Pulse Chain Carbon Bonds

        The world's first backed carbon bond tokenized on Pulse Chain, be able to participate in this growing market through a new and disruptive technology.

        All-In a single Transaction

        Thanks to Pulse Chain speed, gas Fees it has never been so easy to get involved in Green Markets. Support Pulse Oxygen Foundation and we will provide new tradable assets in to Pulse Chain.

        PO2 Fractional

        In the Pulse Chain, the native PO2 can be acquired in multiple fractions, up to 18 decimal places, thus managing to fragment and democratize the holding of carbon bonds, each one contributing and fighting against climate change.

        Backed Carbon Bonds

        In Pulse Oxygen we know that backed Carbon Bonds are essential in order to build Community trust, this is why we have backed all our emitted Carbon Bonds 1:1. So you can hold, sell or buy whenever you desire, always with a real backed asset.

        P02 green ProjectS

        Discover World Improving Projects

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        Carbon Credits

        Carbon Bonds are a solution to combat climate change and reduce CO2 in the atmosphere and contribute to a more sustainable society.

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        REDD+ projects

        REDD+ is an international mechanism created by the UN to mitigate climate change and reduce global CO2 emissions.

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        Emissions trading

        Emission rights are a financial instrument, that due blockchain technology, Pulse Oxygen can offer a tokenized version to everyone

        Our Services

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        Pulse Oxygen aims to provide first Pulse Chain Carbon Bonds, allowing all users to Acquire, Sell, Buy & Hold Green Assets.

        Mandatory Compliance Market Carbon Pricing

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        European Carbon Credit Market

        EU ETS – is the European carbon credit contract which is exchange traded. It is a Futures contract for the purposes of trading and delivering EUAs (European Union Allowance – the official name for the region’s emission allowances). One EUA allows the holder to emit one ton of CO2 or C02 equivalent greenhouse gas.

        Companies either needs to abide by carbon credit limits set by regulators, or no such limits exist. As more and more countries adopt cap-and-trade programs, companies increasingly need to participate in carbon credit programs.

        Voluntary Market Carbon Pricing


        Voluntary Carbon Markets enable carbon emitters to offset their unavoidable emissions by acquiring carbon credits generated by initiatives aimed at removing or decreasing GHG emissions from the environment. Companies can engage in the voluntary carbon market on their own or as part of an industry-wide program. Data below could be delayed by as much as 24hrs.

        The voluntary carbon market for offsets is expected to grow much bigger in the coming years. It’s open to individuals, companies, and other organizations that want to reduce or eliminate their carbon footprint, but are not necessarily required to by law.

        blockchain partners
        1t CO2 = 1 allowance

        Allowance (EUA) Each emission right is equivalent to one ton of carbon dioxide (CO2).

        Suppose the limit was set to 100t CO2.

        If company A at the end of the year has emitted 80t CO2 in total, it can sell company B 20 allowances (equivalent to the 20t CO2 that it has not emitted).

        Companies can also buy amounts of credits from voluntary emission reduction market projects around the world. We are talking about 20% of the established limit.

        Limit Allwance (EUA)
        Company A Emissions
        Company B Emissions
        Company A SellS 20% EUA to Company B

        Pulse Oxygen Launch

        All sacrifice participants will be held in high regard by the project for believing in and supporting a green cryptocurrency future on Pulse Chain.

        0 15th May
        The Sacrifice will start on May 15th at 00:00 GMT+1. It will last 90 days.
        0 Launch
        PULSE OXYGEN will be launched after Pulse Chain mainnet is released.
        0 Sacrifice
        The supply of PULSE OXYGEN will be determined by the total value in USD that has been sacrificed
        0 Transparent
        Pulse Oxygen will be 100% transparent thanks to public blockchain technology.

        pulse Oxygen Partners

        Blockchain partners

        Pulse Chain

        Pulse Oxygen uses PulseChain, with PoS consensus model with 3 seconds block time and low transaction fees. In this model there are validator nodes which continuously pass in cycle the role of signing any new block on the chain. Pulse Chain will wedge P02.

        Pulse X

        First Pulse Chain DEX (Decentralized Exchange) powered by Richard Heart, P02 will get listed once mainnet is deployed. Allowing everyone to easily enroll in Pulse Oxygen Ecosystem. PulseX offers low gas fees, which incentivizes people to easily trade their assets.


        Hex (HEX) is an Ethereum-based token that is marketed as the first blockchain certificate of deposit. Richard Heart launched Hex in 2019. Hex's model pays rewards to token holders, rather than to miners or validators operating the network. Users stake their HEX in order to be rewarded

        Development partners


        Easily to use and world wide accessible private wallet. Our platform will perfectly integrate with this Free and Open-Source Software.


        An Open Source Software Repository that allow projects to easily incorporate standard Libraries, already audited for production code.


        Required to develop Smart Contract on EVM, as Pulse Chain is Ethereum Compatible, the best coding language to use for Pulse Oxygen Developers.

        Carbon bonds partners

        Want to build a deFi Project Carbon Related?

        Send us an email with all the project information so our Team can go through details

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